Sunday, November 1, 2015


Let DAP do whatever they want to do. We should never be perturbed. Our goal and vision to create a better Malaysia is the aspiration of all. We need to continue focusing on our vision in establishing an government that can bring about a better Malaysia for all.

Communal politics should be discarded once and for all. It's was indeed a blessing in disguise for DAP to cut ties with us.

PAS has been challenged to go alone. We must take up the challenge with the utmost faith in God , persevere and be assured of ultimate victory. Some say we are going for a broke by being alone. We are not alone. God is with the righteous and the righteous are with God.

That will be enough for us to face the challenge. We must establish the Kingdom of God based on all religious values here in our country and it can only be realized with the establishment of the Islamic Administration which believes in the principle of doing good and refraining from doing bad.

Armed with this principle and complete faith in the Almighty we shall not fail. We will strive till the end if need be, alone and with the blessings of the Almighty God come out victorious in governing our country and showing to the people that only PAS can replace UMNO and make this country a haven for us all.


Dr Balachandran G Krishnan
Information chief
PAS Supporters' Congress (DHPP) Malaysia
18 Muharram, 1437H/ 31st October, 2015


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