Tuesday, November 3, 2015

As-Sisi is NOT Welcome in Malaysia

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Press Statement from Malaysians for Egypt (M4E) Coalition

As-Sisi is NOT Welcome in Malaysia

Malaysians for Egypt (M4E) has received information from trusted sources that Abd Fattah el Sisi, the leader who headed the cruel coup-d’état in Egypt on 3 July 2013 might be coming to visit Malaysia on the 3rdof November (Tuesday) in conjunction with the World Islamic Economic Forum 11 in Kuala Lumpur (3-5 November 2015). The 11thinternational Forum is organized by the WIFE Foundation headed Tun Musa Hitam. The presence Sisi is on the invitation from the Prime MIninster of Malaysia DS Mohammad Najib Tun Abd Razak. We are also informed that a special delegation from the Egyptian coup-d’état will be also be participating in the convention.
On behalf of 33 Malaysian civil society NGOs in Malaysia under M4E, we represent the people of Malaysians who are disgusted of the cruelty committed by Sisi in the past two years of the coup-d’état tragedy in Egypt condemns and not welcome Sisi to Malaysia. The action is taken under the following considerations:
a. Sisi has committed a great crime to the democracy, justice and freedom in Egypt when coup-d’état has been imposed on President Dr Morsi who has been legitimately chosen by the Egyptian people through a clean election process and recognized by the world. Sisi has also dissolved the Egyptian parliament formed by the election process by the people which was also clean and recognized by the international community. He has side lined dan cruelly destroyed the choice of the Egyptian people.
b. Sisi is also a murderer and a cruel killer of his own people through series of killings at a mega scale for example the bloody Rabaah and Nahdzah tragedies, the bloody Al Azhar tragedy, bloody tragedy in front of Republican Officers Club , the Bloody Ramses tragedy etc. About 52,000 Egyptian people have become prisoners without trial in detention centres across Egypt.
c. Sisi has created a new record though the judiciary system under his power which do not conform to the judiciary norms which has been practiced internationally. Within the 20th century, the Egyptian court has issued death sentences to 1429 prisoners, but since the onset of the coup-d’état in Egypt on 3 July 2013 until now, ( within only 2 years) 32 cases has been put on trial and 1763 people has been referred to the Mufti ( according to the Egyptian court rule about death sentence: to obtain the approval of the Mufti before sentencing execution) to make 729 people has been sentenced to death ( without appeal and execution is obligatory) and 7 people has already been hanged to death.

d. Sisi has also destroyed the Egyptian economic system especially in terms of tourism by failing to ensure the peace and safety environment for foreign tourists. He has also failed to revive the Egyptian economy and left Egypt at the mercy of its Arab and western associates. Sisi is a coup-d’état leader who failed to reform the Egyptian economy, political and social conditions in Egypt.
e. At the international level, Sisi has acted as a loyal proxy to Israel in hindering the struggle of the Palestinians to achieve their rights to freedom from occupancy and cruelty of the Israeli regime. Such acts are totally in contradiction with Islamic and universal humanitarian norms.
The Malaysian people who care about issues of justice and universal freedom express their disappointment and despair towards the Prime Minister of Malaysia, DS Mohamad Najib for welcoming the most notorious killer to our beloved Malaysia land when he is hated and rejected in many other countries he visited. The hands of Sisi, soaked in the blood of the innocent people of his country, must not smear our peaceful and harmonious country of Malaysia.
As such, M4E, representing all the people of Malaysia of various race and religions strongly protest the coming of Abd Fattah Sisi and his delegates to Malaysia.

Secretariat for Malaysians for Egypt (M4E)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Monday, 2 November 2015

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